Welcome to my personal website. Here, whatever you find had some way or the other had played an important role in my life. More than shoutcasting about myself, I have pledged to present only useful content. Have a look at my Blogs (mostly written in Tamil), where I have presented a lot of information both useful and interesting.

Briefly Me

I am a very proud Indian born in Cuddalore about 35 years before and brought up in Chennai. I am married to a beautiful woman and blessed with an 8 years old cute Angel. My education were with Madras University and IIT Madras till 2001. My bachelors degree was in Electronics & Instrumentation with an University Gold Medal and Masters degree in Computer Science. I've liking towards music, reading books, electronic gadgets, and domestic engineering. I love south indian food particularly chettinad style. I love to spend time on learning new things be it cooking, automobiles, computers, what else ?


I am a Scientist in the field of Aritificial Intelligence particularly Text Mining. My research experiences include Statistical Natural Language Processing, Distributed Computing, Machine Learning and Text Mining including more than 10 research publications. Lately, I have started developing interest towards application of AI techniques in Automobiles domain. I take social responsibility like collaborative learning, forums, seminars, conferences, invited talks, guest lectures, etc. Technical Teaching has always been my biggest passion. I have a passion towards supporting students who have an urge for technology. Some portion of my time is dedicated to helping students' projects and case studies. I am a strong Open Source believer and developer too. As a final note, I love my nation India and my language Tamil very much. I strive hard to be a part in making India, the heavenly country.



Please feel free to write a line when you need some information or any technical assistance. Let me know your feedbacks on the contents provided in this website which would be helpful in improvizing the quality of service.